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reply to richardak

Re: A cable installer expects to be able to RETIRE?

said by richardak:

Seriously, how deluded are these people.

You expect to be able to retire and get some sort of retirement package for an entry level job?

I know plenty of "entry level" cable guys, both in house and contractors making 80k to 110k per year with benefits that equal another 15k to 20k+ per year. I made 62k last year, have a maxed out matching $0.67/$1.00 401k, guaranteed funds pension, 7 paid weeks off per year, free vehicle to take home including fuel, free video and Internet for life (even after retirement), $75 per week full medical, dental ect for a family of 5, 7k per year schooling reimbursement plus countless other great benefits that I could go on and on about. I still have another $26k per year before I top out in my pay scale, three more weeks of time off to come, 600+ hours of sick time at my disposal, and all this not including OT (and only if I don't move to a higher position with a higher top out pay). Hell, when we were doing HSD only installs as a contractor fifteen years ago we were making $2500 per week and working 40hrs. It's funny when I hear someone talk down to us, talking about their "great income", living in a dump of a house and driving a BMW. Fact of the matter is that my salary is not considered wealthy by any means, but we live within our means, make $120k plus per year combined, will be able to retire before we're 50 if we wanted to and our major expenses (mortgages, vehicles ....) are paid off and we are in our upper 30's. Not to bad for an "entry level medial job". We're laughing all the way to retirement.

..... With that being said, that is the reason why there are people here who have been here for 35 to 40 years and most people at the 15 to 20 year mark. Must be because of low wages and no union. Have fun worrying about your layoffs and keep ranting about all of your "killer" positions that you won't have next year after getting laid off. I'll be retired and waving at you with a smile on my face when I go to Wal Mart and you're the greeter still working when your 70.