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Re: [IL] Mediacom "speeds of up to 12 mpbs" not in Hey

How'd that class action lawsuit treat you Lazy Senior? Did the lawyer laugh at you by himself, or did he page the whole office to get in on the laughing? Did he still bill you for the consolation?


reply to Lazy Senior
"when you rely on internet for many important things like I do"

Yep, gotta stay up on all the BS on the interweb tubes.

Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL
reply to OldCableGuy
said by OldCableGuy :

How'd that class action lawsuit treat you Lazy Senior?

You have lost me there, I do not have a clue what you are talking about. Mediacom is not my life's pursuit. I don't read everything about them. I can only relate my personal experiences with them. As my Screen name suggests I am both Lazy and a Senior. In many many years of dealing with dozens of different companies Mediacom stands out of being the worst of the worst when it comes to customer support and treating the customer like a valuable asset. I have NEVER had any company in my life treat me as poorly as Mediacom.

They get away with this conduct only because they have little competition in most internet markets. Most customers have little choice, endure Mediacom or go without fast internet. I chose go with out after suffering with them for 2 years.


reply to MediacomChad
Thanks Chad! Just sent an IM.


Springfield, MO
reply to Lazy Senior
While there are some in my area who complain of problems they are in the minority. According to the news media there are over 30,000 customers for internet services here, both residential and business. We also have AT&T with their flavors of DSL and UVerse as competition. Other DSL providers may be available, I haven't looked.

My experience is that on a 12/1 mbps connection I consistently see 11.4/.95 mbps. The only major service interruptions have been one area wide problem where the connection from Mediacom to AT&T (Mediacom rides on AT&T's big pipe here) conked out for a couple of hours. Not a problem for me since the connection is not something I would die without. Beyond that it is stable and consistent and there when I want to use it.

I guess if folks are unhappy they should look elsewhere. But it is my experience that many of those folks would be unhappy regardless.


Mahomet, IL
reply to roadboyIL
Maybe their "guarantee" was for .10 Mbps? This is what I'm getting....


Mahomet, IL
reply to McBain
I think I know you from another forum. I would highly advise against returning to MC. I've been complaining about their poor speeds for THREE YEARS. Unfortunately, I do not have another choice for internet here, or I would have been gone long ago and never done business with MC again. This is my speed this morning:

I had MC for a year or two before the problems started. Then Mahomet expanded rapidly with new subdivisions going in in every direction. Mediacom continued to sell internet subscriptions and collect the bills without any increase in capacity. Mediacom knows they cannot possibly provide the service they have sold yet they continue to collect the bills. It is clear MC has no intention of splitting the nodes in order to provide what they have sold. I've even been told by phone techs that the problem is the equipment to split the node is expensive. I have to ask what the hell they are doing with all the payments they are collecting?


reply to Anonymous
I noticed that with windows xp and 7 I get just around 10 with my linux box, which is Arch Linux running compiz and such I am getting a consistent 11.5-11.8. I also noticed my download speeds go from 400-500 kbps to around 1300-1500. I think the amount of services running in the background might have something to do with the low speeds. Maybe a virus or some spyware, maybe a poorly written game that likes to advertise.