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Glen Head, NY

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reply to pnh102

Re: Hmmm...

said by pnh102:

Seems like LightSquared didn't attempt to bribe the senator in a legal manner.

Though honestly, I think you should be able to bribe public officials with private sector jobs.

No, the problem is they did not offer enough which made it look like an insult!

LightSquared keeps going for "Hail Mary" passes in the hopes of salvaging their disaster of a business plan. It was an interesting gamble; take relatively worthless satellite spectrum, acquired on the cheap, and convert it to valuable terrestrial spectrum thus cheating the taxpayers out of billions in spectrum auction revenue. All the while rendering many of the GPS's owned by those same taxpayers useless. You have to admire the hutzpah.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Chandler, AZ

How is this any different than what Bain did with its companies. Buy the companies raid the pension fund to give themselves bonuses and then have the taxpayer on the hook to pay for the deficit to the value of 44 million.