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Boca Raton, FL

Reformat Comcast Cisco RNG200N with I-Guide?

With the 8300HD I was able to reformat the STB by holding down pause and then using channel up/down to choose HDDF and allowing the box to do its thing and reformat itself.

I tried that procedure on my RNG200N (which has been acting up since COMCAST updated its firmware) to no avail.

Any idea of the process for the RNG200N?


The Q

Collegeville, PA
Borrowed this from another post...not sure if it works on a Cicso RNG 200 though (these may be the same steps you already took)

1. Turn the STB off
2. Press and hold pause for 15 sec. > You will see a flashing message light/envelope in the LED display panel after 15 secs.
3. Press the “Page Down” button -> You will see “E-00” in the LED display panel.
4. Press “List” or “my DVR” button 3 times “hddf” appears.
5. The formatting will automatically begin.
6. The formatting will take 2~3 minutes after which the box will power cycle automatically. The hard drive is now formatted

CAUTION: This will erase everything on the hard drive

EDIT: added source: »Re: Reformat Comcast Explorer 8300HD with I-Guide?