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Might switch


This is the technical readout of my modem... So far, they say that 1.5mbit is the fastest speed I can attain where I am, and is charging me around 80 bucks a month for that. Now, I got an email saying I hit over the 150GB limit and is imposing overage charges. They are the only dsl provider in my area and fios/uverse is not available where I am. They claim I live too far away from the node to get the higher speeds and they do not know when they will upgrade the area. My city is Fullerton, so I don't know about me being in an "rural" area when my phone gets a 11-15mbit connection... Should I just move to a cable company?

Altadena, CA

I've got the same speed limitations as you. I switched ISP at the end of 2011 to Sonic. They started with the truth and have never wavered. AT&T is still in the mix because Sonic uses their infrastructure to provide service. I get dial tone from AT&T and when I have connectivity issues I let Sonic deal with AT&T on my behalf. Oh and Sonic doesn't have caps!


reply to Kairotan

With those stats (1.7mbps) being the fastest you'll see I'd switch to cable. Even with another DSL provider they are still using that same pair which will just end up having the same issues. Why not tether your cell?