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[General] Shrinking coverage in Denver area?

Over the last month, myself, my family, and the people I work with that use Verizon, have experienced an extreme degradation of signal level throughout the Denver area (3G). Up until January, I could use my cell phone in my office and never have an issue with signal. Now I am luck to get 1 bar, and cannot carry on a conversation, and on many days cannot even text from my office.

At my house (opposite end of the city), I could always make calls, and once again, have very few issues. Now none of my family's phones are reliable in making calls from the house, texts don't go through etc.

Has anyone else experienced these issues in the Denver area?


Bon Aqua, TN
is it just me or has verizons claimed coverage on maps shrunken sense the ATT vs Verizon map wars that aired on tv? Its like sense they claimed 100 percent lte upgrade anywhere 3g currently is offered that the 3g maps got edited lol