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Bristol, VA

ONT's and IPv6

Quick question we all know IPv6 is coming and there is equipment that is IPv6 ready, but what about Optical Network Terminals? Do they have to be replaced with a IPv6 ONT?

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Bethlehem, PA
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As long as the ONT does not talk IPv4, the answer is no.

If the ONT talks IPv4, then yes someday in the future.

The above is my two cents.
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Huntsville, AL

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The optical gear doesn't care what the data traversing it looks like to that extent. Most of it is either SONET or carrier Ethernet. The point where the IP addressing could become an issue would be in the management aspect of the gear. The various ISP's and carriers could still use IPv4 addresses like most of them do today for that and still pass IPv6 data through the gear. I doubt it'll be much of an issue for them.

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Really? Lots of gear will handle v4 and v6 simultaneously. Optical networks are the exception? Wow. Maybe they're more like pre-DOCSIS 3 cable modems then. It makes me wonder if likewise all an ONT might need is a firmware upgrade.
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Huntsville, AL

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rc - that may very well be the case. Most if not all of them may already support both v4 and v6 today or may very likely be able to upgrade some firmware or a management card in the future to do so. My point was that this would apply mainly to the management of the devices and not what they could transport. The data they are transporting is just a string of photons - it's the devices they are connected to at various hops (routers/switches) that would care about the v4/6 status of the data.