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Feb / July Vendor Announcements

This thread is for vendor announcements ONLY! This thread will remain stickied for two months and then locked and allowed to drift into oblivion much the same as the “For Sale” thread. Equipment companies/vendors may announce new WISP-related products or services under the following simple rules.
1. Referral links are abso-positivo-lutely not allowed. This includes any information in any part of any posted URL that could identify a reseller or this site.
2. Please make your announcement, simple, straight-forward, and free from spammy sounding claims.
3. Persistent spam will be deleted - If we see the same company re-posting the same equipment/service announcement, it will be deleted and sanctions may be applied.
4. Members are allowed to discuss, IN DETAIL, both good and bad points of equipment and services. This may not be something a vendor wants. If so, don't post it here.
5. Discussion will take place in the forum; NOT in this thread. Posts that do not contain product announcements will be deleted.
6. Failure to comply with these rules will be met with immediate sanctions, either against the vendor, the member or both. A Vendor that continually violates rules or encourages others to do so on their behalf will be denied future posting rights.
7. Sanctions may include temporary (or permanent) loss of posting privileges in this forum and loss of site account so please do not abuse this opportunity.
This forum is intended to discuss WISP equipment, issues, and related services only.

Thoughts, concerns or brilliant ideas for implementing this => Please send an IM to your friendly forum host, seagreen See Profile
Somebody not adhering to the intent/spirit of the above rules => Please send an IM to your friendly forum host, seagreen See Profile
These rules were last updated on June 17th, 2009.

Malden, MO

Re: Feb / Jun Vendor Announcements

I wanted to annouce here the availability of some upcoming training classes as well as some new software options I have available. All of these are available at my store site at »store.wispgear.net/.

First, there is an upcoming Mikrotik Certified Network Associate course in May of 2012 in the DFW Area. This course is the "introductory" course to Mikrotik RouterOS. It is far from a "beginner" course, however. You can see the details on what is covered at the store site linked above.

A second course will be offered in September of 2012 at the U.S. MUM to be held in New Orleans, LA. I will be offering the Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer course (MTCTCE). This is an advanced look at firewall, dhcp, QOS and other traffic control methods in the Mikrotik RouterOS. Details, again, at the store site.

Finally, in addition to my QOS package for RouterOS, I have added a firewall script. The firewall script is designed to protect all of your Mikrotik Routers. Please see the site for further information on this script.

If you have any questions about these classes or ANY other issue, feel free to call me at 702-537-0979 or email me at butche@butchevans.com.
Butch Evans
Mikrotik RouterOS, ImageStream, StarOS and more!
Network Engineering and Troubleshooting
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