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[DSL] Repeated long hang-ups when writing mail, AOL 9.0VR

I'm using 9.0 VR on a PC with XP. This problem has been around for about a month but is now much worse.

If I start to write an email, often but with no pattern I can discern, when I change from one window to another -- "Send To" to write, for instance, the screen will lock up, the hourglass starts, my computer fans actually speed up for at least thirty seconds, and I can't do anything with AOL AT ALL until the fans slow down.

I have a paid account and got AOL on the phone about this. At the end of the call, things seemed okay, but the problem is not gone, or came back, and all that was really accomplished was that the tech took over my computer and disabled my HP printer's ability to scan with one touch

This is driving me nuts. It happens so often I sometimes just leave the room... sometimes forget to even send the email... and this if often for business!

And, oddly, now that I'm trying to make it happen to see if I notice anything else about it, I can't. Wish it was always like this!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.