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Open AOL 9.0 VR, install Flash Player. EVERY TIME?

Yes, every time! I installed it at least twice, and did not remove it. Add or Remove Programs lists Flash Player 11 ActiveX and Flash Player 11 Plugin, but does not show any size for either item. I suspect that neither of these actually is Flash Player, either.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Seattle, WA
ErnieG, Ive just been wrangling the same problem and same version of AOL (VR) for the past hour. There are numerous suggestions on how to fix this and I tried them all without success.

The easy answer to is to upgrade your AOL software installation from AOL 9 VR to AOL Desktop 9.7. It looks pretty much the same but probably runs better. After I did the Flash issue went away.

You can get the free AOL upgrade here-

»daol.aol.com/software/aoldesktop ··· sktop97/

The flash entries you see in Add/Remove Programs are real and legit. Flash Player Active X is for Internet Explorer and Flash Player Plugin is for non-IE browsers (like Firefox, etc.) Good luck!


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Well, it looks as though the Flash Player is not installing. I just opened AOL again, followed instructions to install it; Flash Player is neither at Add/Remove Programs nor in the Windows Explorer All Programs list.

I then googled Flash Player, and downloaded and installed from Adobe. Again, it's not shown in Add/Remove or All Programs. And I got no message saying installation was unsuccessful. ? ! ? !

To test, what kind of file can I double-click that won't play without Adobe Flash?


Edit: I just found that a .swf file requires Flash. I located a Flash file on my computer, and when it plays, it plays from Macromedia Flash Player 7!

Do I have to uninstall that so that Adobe Flash Player will install?

Seattle, WA
I think Macromedia Flash Player 7 is very old. Flash was originally developed by Macromedia and some years later it was purchased by Adobe. Now Adobe makes- Flash for IE Browsers, Flash for Non-IE Browsers and Shockwave. These programs are not user driven applications per se', they are browser extensions or plug-ins. (I am sure I will be corrected by someone here.)

Nevertheless, these products are widely used in feature rich web sites that serve audio and video.

Yes, I would recommend that you uninstall old versions of flash and shockwave because they are insecure and could be causing problems with newer versions.

When you have Flash and Shockwave installed correctly they will show up in your Add/Remove Programs list. However, these programs will never show up on your Windows "All Programs" list because they are considered extensions or plug-ins.

You can test whether or not your flash (and shockwave) is installed and working by visiting this page at Adobe for testing-

»www.adobe.com/software/flash/abo ··· h/about/
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Stanwood, MI
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Re: Open AOL 9.0 VR, install Flash Player. EVERY TIME?

AOL is based on IE.

Internet Explorer has a different plugin structure than firefox or chrome.

Open I.E. and go to www.flash.com. download and install the correct version of flash and that should take care of it.

I.E. cannot use the flash plugin available for Firefox or chrome so if you are using the wrong version of flash it will appear to AOL as if it is not installed.

In fact I have BOTH version of flash installed and my machine runs the update for flash twice each time.

I do tech support so I have I.E, Firefox, and Chrome running at the same time.