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Direct TV, customer service, residential service, 2 year con

I recently (3 days ago) signed up for Direct TV having been sickened to the point of vomiting by the cable networks, I chose to go with the sattelite people. Now, two days before the Super Bowl, I learn that I'm not going to be able to see the game on Sunday due to the pissing contest between cable, and local sydicated stations-or what the hell ever. The point is that I can't host the party that I planned and Direct TV can't help me/won't help me. So, if you have another way of getting your TV needs met, I sure as hell would NOT consider Direct TV.


Huntsville, AL
i just saw your post, and i'm curious...were you able to watch the game last sunday? most times directv will provide a national access channel for major events, like the superbowl, when there's no access through local channel service providers.
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