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Re: Which is better right now? Distributel or TekSavvy?

I just noticed that i can not reach » over the distributel connection, and the site is reachable through an alternative connection. Are they actively blocking it?

Nope, they're down due to a DDoS attack. » ··· -120515/


Mtl, Canada
reply to hd2002
Link works with teksavvy.

Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to Distributel_
said by Distributel_:

the DCM475s in stock are provisioned with Rogers firmware

Dano, can you elaborate on this please. Do you mean they have the factory firmware version that Rogers requests (STAC.02.16), or do you mean that you are working with Rogers to change the firmware in the modems?

Teksavvy4 6y
reply to Hotshotjiji
long time teksavvy customer, the service has gone to crap, and they managed this without outsourcing to India! Go with distrubutel their customer service can't be worse than tek unsavvy


Kanata, ON
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reply to Hotshotjiji
said by Distributel Acceptable Use Policy :

You may not run a server in connection with the Distributel Services nor may you provide network services to others via the Distributel Services. Examples of prohibited servers and services include, but are not limited to, mail, http, ftp, irc, dhcp servers, and multi-user interactive forums.

That pretty much rules out Distributel for a lot of us.

Ottawa, ON
Wow, good to know!


reply to Hotshotjiji
I've had for about 5 months now using Cogeco lines and I highly recommend them.

no wow
reply to Quake110
That ToS is across the board got every ISP. Not all ISP's actually follow through with it.

Keep in mind that Bell submitted to the CRTC that their Bell ToS is applicable to all 3rd party subscribers. CRTC did not argue it.

The details of all this is in this very forum. You can search it.

So this is noting to say "wow" about. It's a known. And it applies to all 3rd party ISP's, resellers, or whatever you want to call them.

Distributel, TSI, Acanac, Ebox etc, all of them.

The "wow" factor was over more than a year ago.

Some ISP's incorporated this in their own ToS, some haven't. But this is all on the CRTC website some place.

Ottawa, ON
said by no wow :

The "wow" factor was over more than a year ago.

I said "Wow" because I'm with Velcom and the ISP is perfectly fine with servers, and I was recommending Distributel to my geeky friend.

The point
Well that's the thing...

Some ISP's just copied pasted Bell (or others) ToS since it's not only forced unto them, but also their customers.

Just because it's there in black and white doesn't mean they deny you the means to run a server anyhow.

So you can't go by the ToS or the ToS someone pastes to you. You have to go by if others are running the same services that you want to run.

Effectively, all ISP's ToS's don't allow servers. All of them. That's the Bell ToS. Rogers is likely the same, as is videotron. However The main supplier to the resellers will block certain ports, where-as they are open for the reseller, even though the ToS states it's not allowed.

In other words and to put it simply, the ToS means nothing unless people are reporting that ISP's are acting upon the ToS.


Waterloo, ON
So should you go with Distributel or Teksavvy?