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reply to Hotshotjiji

Re: Which is better right now? Distributel or TekSavvy?

said by Hotshotjiji:

Aren't those 2 part of Distributel now? And which is better? DSL or Cable internet?

Also, I might pick Distributel because of what you guys said. Thanks about that. I've also noticed that there was a lot of complains about them during 2009-2010 then when I searched for reviews on them during 2011-2012, most of the comments were positive while the other way around is happening with Teksavvy.

Like I said somewhere else, I've been with 3web and now Distributel for about 4-5yrs, been through hell and highwater with them too.

Right now things work really well, wait times for support is negligible, and they actually respond to emails.

Unlike the BellSavvy that just turfed 56 bodies and you know wait times are going to get worse there.
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