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good if you do not use data

this actually looks like a pretty good deal for light callers who do not use data.

the pricing is really not very suitable at all for smartphone owners unless they can live with strictly wifi access for data.

i am wondering if they require a data plan for smartphone?

also what about BYOD of clean esn sprint phones?


·T-Mobile US
I have to say you bring up a good point as there on sprints network, If you can byod, say a first gen EVO? I know for a fact ( one of my brother had one) the tethering ability was on lockdown and you needed to call sprint for a password after you paid the additional $20 hotspot fee! I believe its changed recently but who knows.

I currently have Walmart mobile, yup I jumped ship to test them out as of feb 1st, Hell I was on Tmobile to begin with so my coverage is exactly the same, reason I jumped? Got to use my stock Gingerberad G2X just pop SIM and GO. Instead of only 2GB of 4G highspeed data for $60 I get 5GB of 3G for $45 with unlimited T&T, I prefer quantity of high speed data, over top speed! I still tether and it works perfectly, BBR still says Im on Tmobile as my service provider on there home page. I receive a walmart discount as my other brother works for them...double bonus!