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East Amherst, NY
reply to themagicone

Re: Not that bad

You can use VZ phones on Pagepluscellular and they have a number of plans. They are a verizon MVNO. My entire family left VZW corporate for them (at least 10 phones). THOUSANDS per year saved. The only catch, no mobile2mobile. If you are talking 1000 minutes for five phone this shouldn't be a problem. The TnT 1200 should be good for everyone ($30), and there are NO contracts or piled on taxes and you can change the plan month to month if your needs dictate. For the 90% they have a $55 plan w/ 1G of data.

All of the Sprint MVNOS (ting included) are unfortunately riding on throttled 3G. I had VM and if I could see 120kbit on EVDO that was a GOOD day. Sprint has an issue because they cant figure out which way they are going to go to 4G and offload all this smartphone data, so ALL of this PCS spectrum is saturated. It doesnt help that the data plans on the MVNOs are generous (they are starting to clamp down), so it compounds the issue.

I still have corporate VZW (for now) because I dont pay for it, however the 4G androids are a NIGHTMARE--I feel like a beta tester paying $120/month.

The problem I see w/ the MVNO is that there is no family plan yet and this Ting thing (I believe) is a way to figure out usage and tiers so that they can adequately offer family plans.

If you start to add up the a la carte pricing it becomes worse that all you can eat packages from the other 100 Sprint MVNOs. The $6 device fee is the killer, and there is some foggy thing about taxes on the website. If you clearly look at the tiering there is a floor set so low that only the casual user can benefit. The next tier for each offering is way above what a casual user would need (EXCEPT FOR DATA), and not until you get onto tier 3 data will that be adequate. So if you take tier2 for voice/text and tier 3 for data this comes out to be more than say VM, boost over time, etc. So this is a fail because of the complexity and ultimately higher price. They will learn.


East Amherst, NY
I stand corrected. It looks like they have some sort of rollover "credit" and I looked for Canada roaming and it's only $0.15c and NO charge for texts. For those travelling into Canada this is a great deal. It may even be competitive for Canadians (except for the phone#) that GV can deal with. So this is something to be interested in that usage case.