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Kilmichael, MS
reply to zeddlar

Re: HughesNet???? Are you kidding me??

Still wouldn't touch 'em with the proverbial 10" pole but I'm glad you are having better service. I'm quite pleased with the service we get from Millenicom (20GB's month), with NO contract and NO overusage fees. Was on Verizon with 5GB cap and the overusage fees were a killer. On HN in the end, EVERYDAY we were throttled the moment we woke up and no matter that we were no where near the cap, we were told we had violated the FAP policy. Couldn't deal with such idiocy so switched over to Vz and now with Millenicom.

We're in north MS, very much in a rural area. AT&T is out there but their Edge is just incredibly slow that last time I used it. Mellinicom which resells verizon has been great to work with and we are between two cell towers about equidistance from each other. Plus we are only a few miles from the highway where the towers are located.

To give you an example of what we USED to put up with, when I moved here, my wife was getting 9 Kbps with dial up. She runs a small business as was I as the time and there was no way anything could get done using that. That was back in 2003.

Why is it that everybody who can get fast cellular thnks that everybody in the country can? Are they really unaware that there are places in this country where you couldn't get one bar of cellular with a 100-foot antenna?

As far as people saying that they would stay with dialup rather than use satellite, I suspect most of them are not currently using dialup.
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