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Glen Cove, NY

Thank You PP Customer Support!

Just had to give my thanks to the good people at PP Customer Support for their help with my recent problem.

My TA had been having trouble for a while. Mostly, it would intermittently crash and need to be rebooted. I thought that it might had something to do with my call forwarding from Skype Google Voice. This seemed to be true as eventually it would crash every time a forwarded call would come in. I called Customer Support and they did a few things behind the scenes which seemed to work for a while.

Then the trouble started to get worse. The TA started crashing every time a call would go to voice mail. Sometimes, it became difficult to get the TA to reboot. I found out that by first removing the WAN connection before plugging it back in helped. But finally, after 2.5 years my original TA just wouldn't work anymore.

I called PP support and they asked me some information about my setup and what I had already tried. Then they had the second level support call me back and ran through a few more tests. Eventually, they came to the same conclusion that my TA was RIP. So, they sent me one of the new units. I quickly and easily installed it and now everything is working fine again!

Thank you PP for your great service and help!
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