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San Jose, CA
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Re: Need Information

You're right but you're then modifying or "hacking" your existing equipment to make get a free upgrade. You're not getting this off-shelf as a standard for reasons like ones you mentioned in your last post.

The different firmware you install is not tested by cisco (currently employed) or in cooperation with them, just by the makers. So what you get is not so "clean" and stable firmware that one times works and one time it doesn't. Most of the time does. But often there are some bugs and stable releases are just too old which is true for dd-wrt. Other alternatives like tomato requires little more RAM.
So if you got WRT54G from 2008 with only 8Mb memory instead 16, you can't put just any open source firmware and with dd-wrt you are restricted to a mini cut version.

Btw cisco makes "home office" routers which are little more advanced and step ahead of most home routers that come with the power of IOS. You can make configurations on them using either CLI or GUI. They have useful VPN features.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
Buffalo manufactures home routers and use dd-wrt on their routers straight from the factory because they have no high end products to protect.

For companies like cisco, netgear you dont need to hack your router or upgrade it, you just load 3rd party firmware that will use the available hardware/processing power for more features or you can just buy buffalo and get dd-wrt straight from the factory installed on a router.
dd-wrt is not a hack
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