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Allentown, PA

[PA] Is Service Electric from Lehigh Valley ripping me off?

Hello everyone,

I checked the forums categories about a million times before posting in this section. I wasn't sure where to post. I'm sorry if I'm in the section for posting. This is in regards to Service Electric for DSL with the 5/1 package.

I am not responsible for paying my own bills, or handling my funds due to mental problems. On 1/20/12, someone mailed in a payment from Scanton on my behalf. I'm in the Lehigh Valley. Service Electric is saying it should of been here by now. They also said they could send an additional $75 to turn the modem back on, and see if the first check comes in. They sent the $75 about 2, or 3 days ago, and it's too soon to tell if the $75 will be coming in.

My question: Why didn't they receive the first payment from 1/20? The person who made that payment, I guess she used my email for verification, or something. I wasn't sure what they mean.

What can I do to possibly turn my modem on? I don't know how they made the payment. I do know it was sent, but not cashed yet. That was the other day.