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reply to TwistedTree

Re: [GA] Continuous Disconnects Every 15 minutes

said by TwistedTree:

If people in 3 different states all lose connection and re-establish connection at the exact same times almost to the second, that's not a local problem. I was actually on my cell with a friend in Tempe AZ, and we where both saying "it's up, It's down again" in sync on the phone. We both had pings running to different sites, and we both where going offline to the second. A third friend in NY logged his down time and it matched ours. Care to explain that?

I'm sure if AAA would release the statistics we'd frequently see that several people in the U.S. get flat tires at the same time and call for service, that doesn't make them related, even if it happens every day.

Post some modem levels, logs, trace routes, and pings showing your disconnects. I'd really like to see where your connection fails. I'd also like to see the common network path between RI, NY, and AZ.

Right now you have no evidence we can look at and wild clams that make little sense.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ
reply to CoxTech1
said by CoxTech1:

The technician in your case may have not known your background and simply decided to "dumb down" the explanation. Most of our customers aren't concerned with the ugly details so long as the issue is fixed properly.

What gets me is the last one told me my "alarmclock" issue was because I had a D3 modem and D3 modems only worked properly on the ultimate service tier. they don't listen to you despite what you may or may not know.


West Warwick, RI
reply to DrDrew
Already posted the logs several times, no need to post them again.
I really dont give a rats rear end what you think as you seem more interested in feeding your ego then actually helping. I have gone down several times tonight, so the new modem did not help. Now it's up to Cox to fix it, not going to waste my time here anymore. I should have known posting here was a waste of time.