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[Equipment] Viatalk and Tomato router

I've been a ViaTalk customer for several years and I've always had my phone adapter (Grandstream) behind my router (DD-WRT) and in the DMZ and it's worked fine. I was having some issues with DD-WRT so I decided to flash to Tomato, left the Grandstream in the DMZ, but I was having sporadic issues with incoming calls not connecting, no audio on outgoing calls, etc. ViaTalk sent a few config changes to the adapter, but it wouldn't start working again normally. I swapped the physical setup so the Grandstream was between my cable modem and router, and everything started working fine again.

Unrelated, I got a new router (Linksys E3000) and flashed it to TomatoUSB. I went back to my original physical setup (Cable modem > Router > Grandstream) and put the Grandstream back in the DMZ. It worked fine for about a week (I didn't enable QoS), then within a day of turning QoS back on the phone problems started again. I turned off QoS, but it didn't fix the phone problems so I swapped it back to sit between the cable modem and the router and it seems to be working fine again.

Anyone else see a similar issue with Tomato? I'm considering flashing back to DD-WRT to see if that fixes the issue definitively, but I like Tomato better.

RIP goose
Rochester, NY
I have my PAP2 behind my E3000 running Tomato with QoS on for over a year without issue. Prior to that I was running Tomato on a WRT54GL for several years in a similar configuration, although I did run DD-WRT for a time too. My PAP2 is set to use ports 5080 and 5081 so I have a port forwarding rule for them in Tomato to forward to the device. DMZ is off.

Hope this helps


Lincroft, NJ
reply to DerekJP
I've been running Tomato F/W on my router with the PAP2 coming out of it, but logically in the DMZ.
It's been rock solid for about four years.


Hmm... strange. All ViaTalk support says is "it should work". Although I did have it disconnect once while sitting before the router this past week, but a quick reset and it was working fine again. I'm at a loss as to why it keeps crapping out when it's behind the router.