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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to 25139889

Re: No sympathy

said by 25139889:

for now. Sprint is going down hill rather quickly. Especially with all that $$$ going to Apple. No room to expand really, network upgrades will be where they are most needed for ROI and caps and overages will be coming.

And throttling is still UNLIMITED they are NOT stopping or billing in overages.

Says who???
Sprint is the only good wireless ISP as they are unlimited.

I have ATT on a family plan, but I refuse to pay for internet as it is not really needed. I use a knockoff phone running android with wifi only so ATT does not detect it as a smart phone and automatically charge me.

If I needed mobile internet my first choice would be sprint.


Sprint's network by definition is more limited than AT&T's, because EVDO is a lot slower than AT&T's UMTS/WCDMA. So unlimited is just a marketing gimmick.