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Jersey City, NJ

Once again... time for Class Action!

So as long as long as you're on a "TIERED" plan where they can easily charge you for "overages" therefore you won't be throttled.

Why haven't the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Miami Herald, Seattle Times ran stories about AT&T's extortionist, racketeering and mob-like, oh and did I forgot "strong-arm" ways of trying to get customers into more expensive plans.

Furthermore, AT&T's attempt to blame their deficiencies and lack of adequate, planning and infrastructure on those poor souls (me included) who still have unlimited yet limited plans.

AT&T's last class action yielded me a $140.00 check in the mail. Let's see what Sharks I mean lawyers can get out of AT&T's new approach.

At the very least, they should get AT&T to publicly admit that they are: Inadequate and that they suck monkey balls

Who thought that prices would go up... I always thought that as technology advanced and things got cheaper prices would drop. I guess not with cell phones.