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South Elgin, IL
reply to espaeth

Re: No sympathy

said by espaeth:

said by 25139889:

for now. Sprint is going down hill rather quickly. Especially with all that $$$ going to Apple. No room to expand really, network upgrades will be where they are most needed for ROI and caps and overages will be coming.

As a Sprint user I haven't noticed any decline in the network here in the Minneapolis market.

They also put together a site that tracks work orders for capacity upgrades; it doesn't look like they've slowed down much. See: »network.sprint.com

My friend in Barrington, IL has been using Sprint for phone and home internet access since 2006. He noticed call issues and data issues with both the phone and home internet right after the iPhone was released to Sprint. All I know is that for close to a month, it was lots of hoping and praying to get a Yahoo page to load. My two cents on Sprint's network near me.

In regards to Unlimited users and the cap, I am one of those users and have yet to receive a message. Granted, my last bill showed me using 2.2 GB of data. I stream Pandora all the time, I am sure that has something to do with it. If I get the message, I will leave for sure. I pay almost $200 a month for both my wife's phone and my phone. Top that off with another $150 for uVerse, give me a reason to leave.