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Hamilton, ON

FreeBSD IPv6: Running rtsol on an IPv6 Router

So my ISP (Teksavvy) supports native IPv6 right now. To do this, they send RA packets. My FreeBSD and / or Windows host are able to connect without configuration, using RA / RS. I am encapsulating my packets over PPPoE on interface tun0

However, when I turn on ipv6 routing by putting "ipv6_gateway_enable="YES" in rc.conf, rtsol (Router Solicitation daemon, required to acquire WAN ip address) refuses to run. This disables me getting an IP address.

When I try to run "rtsol tun0", i get the following messages
rtsol: kernel is configured not to accept RAs
rtsol: kernel is configured as a router, not a host

Any ideas on how to have my system setup as a router while receiving router solicitations on my WAN interface?


Saint Louis, MO
I'm always amazed to see questions like this here when the FreeBSD developers hang out at the FreeBSD forums. Why aren't you asking this there?