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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

FTC/FCC Complaint Procedures

Here's what we can do:


For "unlimited" plan customers, AT&T has provided no proof of the accuracy of its internal bandwidth meters, and thus there is no consumer-transparent basis under which this "top 5%" throttling practice is determined and implemented. The FTC needs to investigate this deceptive business practice.

Additionally: Considering that AT&T now provides tiered data offerings, there is another reason to ensure that these meters are accurate. Who's checking this?

All the more reason for the FTC to make AT&T come clean on this.


Select "Deceptive or unlawful advertising or marketing by a communications company (does NOT include Telemarketing)"

You will fill out "Form 2000A - Deceptive or Unlawful Advertising and Promotion Complaint"

You can submit this form online or on paper.

Very simple to do.
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