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Re: Not transparent, but necessary

@rit56: So you believe the laws of physics don't apply to AT&T? It would be great if they didn't, at least at the air interface, but they do. How the manage the traffic is the issue. This system isn't transparent.

@Oh_No: you have to cap at some point. The best solution would be to bring back Unlimited* plans.

*you will be throttled to 200kbps after the first 3GB of data.

You can't upgrade your way out of a limited amount of spectrum. Land-based providers can upgrade themselves out of anything, as you just add more fiber (or make it go at 10gbps).

Verizon now has a lot more spectrum between the 22mhz chunk of SMH, and new AWS from SpectrumCo, etc. And for CLR and PCS? Look at their EVDO. It's getting sloooower and sloooower.

@chances14: Very true. His takes are just as ridiculous as the truth, just on the other side. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. This site brings up some issues that no one else does, but at the same time, it undermines its credibility with commentary that is detached from reality.