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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to datguy11

Re: These poor guys only get $35 for a triple??!!?

said by datguy11 :

Are you F-ing kidding me?
How can they get away with that?

Thats almost slave labor, to deal with customers, explain services, INSTALL services, manuever your 28 foot ladder and work under hot sun, cold weather and freezing rain.. deal with problems and wait times and everything else under the sun.. For that money you could work in TJ Maxx stocking shelves...

And all these idiots on here that say , Fire them, and "I got a pay cut"- GET REAL

You wouldnt do THEIR job at YOUR current pay

and thats the truth

No wonder why cablevision can give mind boggling, IRRATIONAL triple play deals.

I get offers of a triple play in the mail every month for $69.99 for all three services..

With Verizon JACKING up prices.. this gives Cablevision breathing room to jack up prices too.. don't expect $69.99 triple play anymore-- except maybe when they have free reign to throttle 15(to20) megabits down to 5 megabits and other hijinks with video & phone service. Expect triple play to rebound to $89+ soon-- not as a good value.

Besides, I recommend dual play services. Cable-tv is very much crap these days and you can find streaming cable-tv channels online too!