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Echo, OR

ISP network configuration question

Hello All,

I am looking for some insight as to what may be occurring with the internet provided by Eastern Oregon Telecom. They offer DSL, High Speed Wireless, and WiMax. I believe in the past they may have offered dialup.

Their service is proving very unreliable and has been for some time. The issue is related to the inability to maintain reasonable speed across any of their internet offerings.

For example, with their WiMax offering I get highs of 6-10 MB which is very good. The problem is that the speed is not stable. In my experience I expect the speed to vary depending on loads, etc. However, with EOT the speed will be 8 mb one second then 0 or .0x on the download. After multiple seconds to minutes the speed will bounce back up - sometimes to the previous speed and sometimes to .5 to 1 mb or so. Time of day does not seem to make a big difference - the issue manifest during the day, the evening, and even in the middle of the night. The upload speeds do not vary much at all - they are within an acceptable range of their expected speed.

As a result the connection is very unstable. I am unable to maintain a VPN tunnel for work activities. Watching any kind of video is pretty near impossible. Voice over IP is impossible.

This issue is not specific to my location. It is happening to other customers using their WiMax, High Speed Wireless, and DSL customers.

I am trying to understand if there is something that they may be doing within their network to be contributing to this. I know that at one time ISP's did some things on their dial up accounts to balance the load. Is it possible that they would still be doing something like this that is contributing to the problem.

Any insight would be appreciated as this is the first isp where the connection goes from a reasonable connection to nothing and balances back and forth.
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