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·T-Mobile US

We All know what ATT is sceard of...

Also not just them but the likes of any broadband provider that throttles or caps wireless service....

»thenextweb.com/mobile/2012/02/06 ··· oliday/?

When Customers in Russia are downloading 419GB of data over 3G, YES 3G in less than a month and not paying a dime more than there flat rate plans advertised, this only proves were getting ripped off here in the USA. Spectrum BS or not our data rate plans are a total rip off! Throttles wouldnt be so bad if you were throttled to 1/2 of your advertised throughput ( example from 10mbps to 5mpbs or full 4G to full 3G speeds) however there knocking us down to 1/100 and expect us to stand for it, or depending on how you look at it in this case bend over and take it!

Tmobile now throttles to around 119kbps
ATT throttles to around 128kbps
and with all the high end things these smartphones are doing now these throttled speeds do nothing more for us than to piss us off when you read stories like the one linked above.