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This is a sub-selection from outgoing does cost.


Littleton, CO
reply to jacobslive

Re: outgoing does cost.

said by jacobslive:

Good for you if it works!

I was told that VOIPO will not transmit name but depends on receivers service provider it will show State/Area/Anonymous/Number etc. but not NAME.

Here is the service ticket they responded:


Outgoing callerID is not supported.
Only the number is sent.

Some carriers may try to show the area the number is registered to.
In such cases, your number will likely show the city or state that the number is from.

Kyle Kirchner
VOIPo Support"

But it doesn't work. This was the last reply I got:

"Your outbound CallerID settings are available under Beta > Misc.
You will be presented with a drop-down including all the numbers on your account.
You may select whichever number will be sent.

There is an option to mask the CallerID and simply present 'Private', or you may nominate to send nothing at all, which will show 'Unknown'.
These two options are available under the Features tab.

As was previously stated, we only send the number on outbound IDs.
Many carriers will show any name information if they have it on file (many do not).
Most carriers will show where the number is registered to, usually just City or State information.

Kyle Kirchner
VOIPo Support"
This is a sub-selection from outgoing does cost.