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Reisterstown, MD

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[Sprint]Signal Coverage Issue w/Sprint/T-Mo Reisterstown, MD

A little background...area code 21136 has always been spotty for data coverage for anything but Verizon. Sprint and Verizon have a tower within 1/4 mile of each other. Sprint tower is on a one story office building, Verizon tower is basically in my front yard and is its own building and tower. Wifi in the area also sucks horribly. So I have a feeling the Verizon tower is at fault. I am trying to get Sprint to send this issue to their field techs but I just keep getting the same nonsensical ticket support calls that go nowhere.

4G basically dies as soon as I turn onto the street in front of my neighborhood. I have 4G for a second or two in the house in certain places, but it dies again if I move. 3G is about 300kbit or slower with a 500ms ping time to a speedtest.net server 10 miles away.

How do I address this to fix the area wide issue that no one seems to understand? I am happy to answer any questions to help clarify.

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Well, not quite sure how Tmo is relevant in this, as I have always been able to fix my issues that I have encountered from the day I join Tmo... So if I see that I got no bars @ my friends house. I make a simple Tmo call and they tell me ATT tower been out for that location and two weeks later I have 4 bars in the basement.

Vz, ATT, and Sprint are all a joke and as far as the customer satisfaction survey goes, they are all rigged to Fav Vz, ATT and Sprint w/ deep pockets.

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I'm down in DC and have Verizon but when I have had signal/coverage issues, a call to customer service got it resolved. (Not necessarily immediately but sooner rather than later.) I should think the process is similar, if not the same, with the other carriers.
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