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Hyper Static
Olean, NY

Sportster 4 Antenna Issues

I have been using Sirius Radio for quite some time now. I would say for roughly 5 years. I used to have a cheaper model when I started service and when I began using it more I wanted the rewind feature, so I invested in the Sportster 4. Since I travel for work, I also invested in an extra car kit to transfer it from my commuting vehicle to my work vehicle. I soon found out that after about a year of use, the radio unit starts to lose it's antenna connection. I'm assuming it is from taking it out of the dock and then back into the dock twice a day. Now, in my mind, I thought that having this "car dock," they would have designed the unit to handle excessive amounts of transferring the unit. I was proven to be an ass, because I have been through 6 units in the last 4 years. After paying the monthly amount for service, I find it a bit ridiculous that I have to buy a new radio unit so frequently. Anyone know if there is a solution to this situation? Maybe someone has had the same issue and they talked to the terrible customer service Sirius XM provides. I know that there are some people that are out there that repair the units for a cost, but didn't know if the repair lasts as long as a new unit.

Hope to hear that I'm not screwed once again.

Anyone have any luck with any of the other units? I was looking into getting the Starmate 8, but didn't know if I should make that much of an investment.

Any and all advice is much appreciated!