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Perry, KS

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How to block specific wireless device - WRT54G

I have a wireless linksys router model number ( WRT54G )

I know how to log into thru my browser and am fairly comfortable with basic settings and configuration but was wondering IF I can BLOCK a certain wireless device by ip address OR mac address.

I do know the mac address and ip address for the device I want to block I just don't know WHERE / HOW to block it while logged into my router interface.

Some step by step how to would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I do have 6 wireless devices that are known to my network and are generally logged on to my internet via my router.


Perry, KS
After doing some reading I think it is my understanding that I can either ADD all of the known devices to the mac address filtering then only those known devices will be able to connect from now on or I can leave the known devices alone and just ad the mac address of the device I want to block and it won’t be able to connect but other devices will still be able to assuming they know my password.

New Haven, CT
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See page 11 of the WRT54G User Guide. It details the Wireless MAC Filter option.

Here are the basic steps to block individual wireless MAC addresses from accessing the Internet. Log into the router's administration page. Navigate to the Wireless, Wireless MAC Filter page. Select Enable to filter based on MAC address. There are two options to filter Wireless MAC address. Prevent and Permit Only. Select Prevent, then select the Edit MAC Filter List. On the MAC Filter List select Wireless Client MAC List. Next, select the wireless device you wish to block access on in the Wireless Client MAC List. When finished, select Save Settings to apply the changes.


Perry, KS

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nevermind. and thanks!