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Cold Lake, AB

[AB] optik tv/internet

I've been on a waiting list for three years now to get a 6mb download speed from my current 3mb service, last month I had an installer at my place and he mentioned that in the spring I'll be able to get optik internet/tv. Is their anyway to confirm this or was he just blowing smoke.
I'm in Cold Lake North, in a newer house, and there are some in cold lake that currently have 15mb service..


My Mom who lives on 11st street can get the 15mb service, but my brother in law who lives on 6th ave behind nelson heights near ptarmigan crescent can only get 6mb.

My moms neighbor on 11st I believe has optik tv also but only standard as to get HD I think you need the 25mb service?

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Edmonton, AB
reply to oilfan69
I don't believe much of what the install techs say (especially the outsourced ones). Unless you see a TELUS van somewhere on your block working on your DSLAM in the upcoming months, he's just blowing smoke.
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Cold Lake, AB
reply to Mikeee
Ya, Im only a block away from your brother in-law, and I guess a few blocks from your moms... Kinda sucks that I cant even upgrade to 6mb for now.. I tried eastlink and could get 15-20 mb but the ping sucked for gaming...


Cold Lake, AB
reply to oilfan69
so i guess no way to tell for sure?


Vancouver, BC
You're in Cold Lake. There is a fair bit of old DMT2 hardware in use in the area that only gives max 6mbps. Until that's all replaced (not a quick process), 6mbps is all that'll be available.