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Re: [Internet] Procedure to replace BHN modem due to $2 monthly

I have done a bit of back-reading and now see why there is some anger from those that are early adapters of your Docsis 3 service.

With the service fee's to roll a truck and change out a Docsis2 modem's to a Docsis3 modem has them upset at the idea that I could now ask to install a personally owned Docsis 3 modem without paying a fee that they did when it was rolled out.

If you allow a customer owned Docsis 3 modem now, it will conflict with your past policy of charging for the D3 upgrade, even though the tuner in a more modern D3 modem when screwed into the same cable is actually going to have a lower loss as far as dB goes from the more obsolete tuner technology available in an older modem such as a D1 or a first gen D2 modem like the SB5100. A D3 modem will preform with a (Higher Q), regardless if it is a Ubee, Motorola, or a Cisco modem. (Yes it is all in the firmware)

When the modem is first connected to your network, you send an SNMP command to modem to flash it to your desired firmware immediately, so this is really a matter of you having the proper firmware support for the modem's that you choose to support.

Most people don't understand SNMP around here.

I could go in more technical depth if need be.