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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to scanman1

Re: [Internet] Procedure to replace BHN modem due to $2 monthly

said by scanman1:

I have been under Time Warner, Comcast and other providers, and I will say without a doubt that BrightHouse has provided the best service among all of them.

They ran a new drop, no questions asked.

The installation was smooth. (Subed to a good contractor who knew his stuff and PROPERLY grounded the drop cable without me interfering with his work)

This is CRITICAL in Florida!

The QOS is over 99.43 from my estimated router data.

My website service provider has more downtime!

They Give FREE Newsgroup access with Newshosting.com , and this is UNHEARD of with all the other providers!

Even with the "limited" 4 connection access, it is plenty!

Yes, I love my Brighthouse internet.

Yet, I'm bored and have too much time on my hands right now, so I am punching on the keyboard.

They don't have a cap at all, not that I run more data than the Comcast cap. (This is a great one).

I'm not here to bash Brighthouse, as they are the best provider I have had, and I have moved around enough to have tried them all!

I have good news related to the D3 modem but rather than give only partial details and without a list I'm going to hold back for a bit. So a little more patience and I think you will be happy
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