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reply to facke020

Re: [TV] Price Increase

said by facke020:

Yeah, I currently have Digital TV and Lightning. New promotion gives me WH DVR plus Phone and drops my monthly bill by $20 a month. And free install and I can cancel any time.

Similar deal with me, although I was on a promo plan that actually ended the month I upgraded to the new bundle. So technically it cost more than my old promo, but since the old promo ended, that's kind of irrelevant.

So now I have WH-DVR with 2 STB's (instead of 1), RR Lightning, Unlimited Phone and Digital Cable for the same price as my old setup of 1 DVR/Lighting/Digital Cable. But, I have Vonage, replaced by the phone, so I will cancel that, now saving me $17/mo

Oh yea, the new promo is also a locked in price for 2 years, but it's still a mo-to-mo commitment. Pretty nice deal BHN has now for bundles.