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Schenectady, NY

Gmail Drive

Just use Gmail Drive...it works just as good.

Richmond, VA

said by NateCohen:

Just use Gmail Drive...it works just as good.

Just tried it out. It is pretty cool but too buggy to be useful. One of the first things I did was save a Word document to the GMail drive folder and all went well except for the fact the file isn't there in Explorer and never came in as an email. Attempts to copy it again indicate the file is there, but it it isn't. Files copied and pasted seem to work well. It also warns about using it with Goggle Notifications which I use.

There are a number of programs out there which let you leverage your Google file space. One of the best is Google Cloud Connect which synchronizes every MS Office document you work with into your Google Docs storage space. I find that clunky and useful for not a lot.

Insync »www.insynchq.com/ turns your Google docs storage space into a Dropbox. That seems to work pretty well although I have yet to figure out how to make their Android app work with my space. That couldn't be more mysterious. The program is poorly documented too.

Dropbox is ridiculously expensive at $2.00/GB/YR which is 8x as expensive as Google Storage which is $.25/GB/YR. If you need more than 100GB with Dropbox they basically throw their middle finger up at you and tell you to buy their ultra expensive workgroup solution.

I hope Google gives Dropbox a run for their money, because Dropbox is an obscenely priced product. Don't get me wrong though... I really like Dropbox other than the fact the files are not locally encrypted by the company. It costs a lot of money, but there are ways to earn lots of free storage space and best of all, Dropbox is widely supported by third party software and hardware. Google would be helping if they could just get Dropbox to lower their storage prices to something less than highway robbery.