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Royal Oak, MI

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reply to Badonkadonk

Re: ultra tv

said by Badonkadonk:

You're comparing WUTV to other systems that can expand their basic offering. WUTV can as well. So, HDD space is a non-issue. It's not specific to WUTV.

And you're talking silly nonsense. Standard capacity in an HTPC? What's that? I have 3 TB in my HTPC. Is that standard? Or, are the ones that have 500GB standard? Maybe the ones that I've seen AVS members have with 100TB of rack storage. Are those standard?

I'm sure you're htpc is cheaper in the long run also. So larger capacity for less money is always good. No need for your argument to get to the absurd using server storage for an example. I visit AVS Forum too. Some of those guys spend so much time recording/archiving, you have to wonder if they even have time to watch anything.

When I mentioned standard I should have said compared to other pay-tv providers WHDVRs. Dish is coming out with a 2tb WHDVR (although 1tb is reserved for Dish). And with Tivo and DirectTV, those WH options can combine multiple dvrs, well with Tivo you have combine them. So, yes 500gb is small as a standard. But cableco dvrs are always a step or two behind what is available elsewhere.

Hey, this system is probably better than Comcast's. But Comcast is basically "low hanging fruit". The thing that really bothers me is that the client boxes are so damn pricey. $15 each per month? WTF!

Naperville, IL
·Dish Network
I agree 500GB standard is small. I've got ReplayTVs that I outfitted with that size of drive years ago and HD wasn't even a consideration back then. My thought is that at least the WOW boxes enable eSATA storage, unlike the shitty Comcast ones that also have little on-board storage and can't be expanded. But you're right, beating Comcast is hardly difficult.


Park Ridge, IL
Do you still need to rent a modem with ultra TV for internet?

Naperville, IL
Unfortunately, I don't know. My order sheet is at home, so I can't look at it right now. Hopefully others can chime in.