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Bainbridge Island, WA

Westell 7500

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So i have been having this problem for a while now.

I do not get disconnected but it seems that whenever my DSL connection starts using a lot of bandwidth it then crashes to zero..

I took this picture to demonstrate streaming a youtube video. You can see at first it is streaming fine, but then starts doing weird stuff. There was no one else on the line. Any other info needed i can obtain if some one thinks they might know whats going on.

My guess is that the copper of the house line is old and bad and causing problems.


New York, NY
I'm not an expert on the 7500, or even on DSL for that matter but have been fumbling along for a while. I would suggest running some speed / line tests (available here in the Tools section) for a period of time and tracking the results. Check the Select ISP forum as well to see if your ISP is listed there for other people who may be having a similar problem; it may not be the modem.