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Gainesville, FL

[FL] Ceton reporting marginal to terrible OOB SNR

I would love to have a tech double check this for me if possible.

A few weeks ago my Ceton InfiniTV4 PCIe started stuttering and dropping frames badly. I thought it may go away and checked the SNR of the tuned channels to find it well within spec (~37dB) so I figured it wasn't a signal issue and chocked it up to a Ceton quirk.

I reported it to Ceton who quickly got back to me that my OOB carrier was struggling to lock with a -0.1dBmV level and an SNR of 12.3dB (yikes!). It looks like the cable card is trying to lock to a carrier at 89.5MHz.

I give cox in Gainesville credit: when I got the Ceton and the cable card everything was painless... provisioning was a cinch and it was up and running in no time. Now I'm not even sure the card is visible at the headend given the lack of OOB integrity.

If there's a tech that can lend a hand seeing if my signal issues are apparent at the headend I'd appreciate it. Happy to provide any serial #'s or MACs necessary.

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OOB carrier is usually a QPSK modulated channel, so the SNR requirements are much lower than a 256QAM video or modem channel.

QPSK channel SNRs are usually recommend to be 15 dB or above as good, but down to 12 is usable but it may have errors.

With your OOB being at 89.5 mhz, it's prone to interference with FM signals (88-108 Mhz). Make sure all the connectors in your home are tight and the cable through out the house is undamaged.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.


Gainesville, FL
reply to nweibley
CNET's cheapskate's Tech Deal is for that device for $199. Good price? Per your note it must be compatible with cox in gainesville (other than the reason for your note). Did you have to pay extra for the cable card? Any other installation nits? Thanks!


said by john_fla:

CNET's cheapskate's Tech Deal is for that device for $199. Good price?
Any other installation nits? Thanks!

Good price! Call the toll free number displayed by the cablecard itself. I'd have bought one myself but I didn't want to be tied down to a card inside my computer chassis - I use something else.


Gainesville, FL
FYI, They have both pci & usb versions.