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San Francisco, CA

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"Customer Service"

9 out of 10 times you get to someone the experience will be purely mechanical, on rails, automated, you know?

However one in ten times you may actually find a rep who will be proactive, or act like it, and get you real information or transfer you to a better cue.

On the whole, there is no "customer service" at Comcast. And tech support (I suspect it is the same dept as cust serv) is more like a first line of defense against the general public. I guess there are plenty of folks out there that can't reboot and/or power cycle a modem, or configure their router correctly. So many in fact that Comcast has dedicated an entire department to them.

The rest of us that have some clue, and want to help troubleshoot their problem are left out in the cold. As far as Comcast is concerned, the less their customers know, the better.