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[AB] Fastest setup with Airport Extreme, Vonage and Shaw SMC

I am using my Airport Extreme for wireless and wired connections to my LAN, and the Shaw SMC router. I have my vonage and Airport plugged directly into the SMC, and my NAS drive and main workstation are plugged directly into the Extreme.

I'm having 2 problems with this setup: first, the Internet connections seem to get dropped and reconnected quite often (wired and wireless). The connection to my Extreme is solid on all machines, so I think it is the Internet link between the Extreme and SMC that is flaky. Second, I can't get port forwarding for VNC to work properly; I've configured the SMC but I think the double-hop through my Airport is screwing things up.

Can someone please tell me the best (i.e. fastest and most stable configuration to use)? I'm thinking I need to have Shaw put the SMC into bridge mode and continue using my Airport Extreme for my network, connecting the vonage to one of the Extreme's ports, along with my NAS drive and workstation. All other devices will connect to the Extreme via wifi.

Does this sound right?

Calgary, AB
Put your SMC modem/router in bridge mode,

Use the Airport for routing.

Double-NAT will screw up most of all but all the basic-basic internet traffic stuff.

The way you have it now, put your SMC in bridge mode, replace the ethernet cable between the SMC and your Airport, and try a different port on the SMC.

reply to Winger
For fastest results use only one router (essentially your last sentence). I would trade the shaw SMC router for their fastest high speed modem (I am assuming you are at least 50M if not 100M). Connect it to the Apple router then everything else to the Apple. The Apple can handle up to 50 appliances. For best speeds be sure to use Cat 6 cables. For wireless use WAP encryption otherwise the Apple Extreme loses speed. The cable speed to the vonage box does not matter as much. If you are adding any switches be sure to use ones with Gigabit ports. If you really want to use two routers (you do get two ip addresses) use use a gigabit switch between the modem and the two routers and give each router a separate network name.