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[BC] Who do I PM?

Who do I PM here with some info about some issues? I don't want to post any personal info.

I remember reading that there were some helpful Telus guys here, but I can't seem to find their names.

Ex-TELUS employee, Ubuntu Lover

Edmonton, AB
the way it traditionally works is that you post your issue, and then if someone feels so inclined to help, they'll tell you to PM them...


Ok. I know someone that is on the edge of cancelling their Telus service. They're down south somewhere in the US. Half the year is up in Canada, and the other half down in the US.

They got a slingbox a few years back so they could watch TV/hockey/etc. while down there. Sometime in 2010/2011 they switched from Shaw to Telus, and it's given them quite a bit of grief since then. Their first Telus modem (Actiontec POS) kept losing settings, so port forwarding had to be setup several times. (Costs $$$ getting someone knowledgeable to go out to do it, over and over - since they aren't in the country, it's not like they can do it...) Then it finally died and a Telus tech had to be called in, which replaced it all with new Actiontec POS.

Another callout to get the Slingbox port forwarding working - alright, everything is up... *poof*, power outage - the new Actiontec loses its settings again.

So anyway, they've had someone go out there and set up the port forwarding about 4-5 times now. They're kinda miffed now, so as soon as they get back into the country they're dropping Telus and going back to Shaw.

If Telus wants to keep them or ever wants them to come back, they have to do something. Otherwise they'll be gone within 4 months.

I'm rather satisfied with my Telus service - customer service is great, once contacted - so I figured I'd give you/them a heads up so they can try to make it right. But it's not like I can phone in and explain it - I'm not the account holder. All I really have is their names and phone number.


Burnaby, BC
Have you ever suggest to them to purchase a small ups ? Simple solution to an annoying issue.


said by Symtex:

Have you ever suggest to them to purchase a small ups ? Simple solution to an annoying issue.

Yes I did. Looking back, I bet they wish they had.

But even so, I can sympathize. Devices shouldn't lose their settings after a power outage... NAND exists for a reason.