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Miami, FL

[General] Beware Customized Code Restrictions Charge

This is about your landline - not your internet service..
I'm in Miami. According to AT&T's own website the Customized Code Restriction service feature (blocks 900, 976, long distance access) is included in their Complete Choice plan at no extra charge..So look at your bill!

I had Bellsouth block 900 and long distance access from my landline
years ago because ATT kept billing my number for calls which didn't originate from my phone, BS did this at no charge, so I've been paying my bill w/o looking carefully at it until today when because it went up a couple of bucks I read it carefully and noticed that even though I have their Complete Choice Enhanced plan they're charging me $6/month for this "included" feature..

I went to the AT&T website to disable the feature and AT& wants to treat my change as a NEW account and charge me a "ONE TIME" charge of $1 each for Call Blocking, Call Return, Call Tracing, and Repeat Dialing, 4 bucks to activate services already included in the Complete Choice Enhanced package I subscribe to.

Look at your bill! If you see the $6. charge goto the FL Dept of Agriculture Division of Consumer Services (800helpfla dot com)
and file a complaint (the FL Public Service Commission no longer handles phoneco complaints)


Miami, FL
Update: According to AT&T their "Complete Choice" plan, which is no longer offered, IS NOT THE SAME as their "Complete Choice Enhanced" plan (which I have) or their "Complete Choice Basic" plan.
Therefore in their definition page where they define their 'Customized Code Restriction' feature and state it's available at no charge to 'Complete Choice' customers they are referring to a product that they no longer offer and in so doing they are deceptively misleading customers.

I just spent the better part of 3 hours arguing with 3 different AT&T
customer service agents including a supervisor, Cynthia D. who demanded I email and/or fax her a screen capture of the definition page on the AT&T website where it states that Customized Code Restriction is offered at no charge to Complete Choice customers. I emailed and faxed the screen capture to her but she DID NOT call me back as she said she would.

The next agent I spoke with, Perry, was very courteous, took the charge off my bill and credited me for 3 months worth of $6 charges
BUT would not admit that the feature is offered at no cost to Complete Choice customers and furthermore told me that my plan is the 'Complete Choice Enhanced' plan and NOT the Complete Choice plan which is no longer offered.
Of course, if he admitted it's the same he'd be saying that AT&T owes me 12 years worth of $6/month...
Take my advice. Stay away from AT&T or get a lawyer to review your account and bill.