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Stewartstown, PA
reply to joako

Re: How can legit distribution go to $0 prices?

said by joako:

said by Rekrul:

said by Karl Bode:

Exactly. Steam works to help erode piracy because it makes buying games simple, cheap, and easier that having to use BitTorrent to download, compile rars, install a crack, etc.

If you like all your games to have a leash attached.

Please explain. I am sure there is some sort of DRM but I never noticed. I download steam, login and download whatever game I have purchased and I play it. It's better than buying a physical disk IMO, nothing to scratch or loose. No CD keys to enter and validate.

If you don't have broadband, Steam is a problem. Way back I bought the boxed version of HL2. Steam would not let me play it until it was updated and all I had was dial up. Downloading 4-5 hours per day it took five days before I could finally play the durn thing. My main gripe now is I use to sell my old games, with Steam I can't even give my old games away.
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