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Info Kid


We MUST work together

Because Windstream customers all over the nation are having similar problems: extremely slow download speed; slow or no service during certain hours; oversubscribed service; latency; and vague promises from Windstream about "fixing" these problems, WE MUST WORK TOGETHER to get our Windstream problems solved. PLEASE: 1) Send an email detailing your complaint to the FCC at: FCCInfo@fcc.gov 2) Contact both your US Senators (preferably by email) and tell them about your problems with Windstream. BE SURE TO SEND a COPY of your emails to your senators to US SENATOR TOM UDALL, who is currently investigating Windstream problems here in New Mexico. Send a copy to: sarah_cobb@tomudall.senate.gov 3) Contact as many people as you know in your area and ask them to do the same. The ONLY way we can get the service promised all of us by Windstream is to have many, many people complain from all over the country. Windstream is a rural telephone service & ISP provider. They received $6 Billion in revenue this year; surely they can spend some of that to do what they are supposed to do: provide good service to rural areas. THANKS FOR HELPING!!!