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One Moment Please Problem

I just got a new TV and hooked up the cable box to it using an HDMI cable. I have also tried using the regular cables to solve this problem. Some (almost all) the channels say "One Moment Please. This channel will be available shortly." This includes HD and non-HD channels. I have called support to have them reset the box with no help. I have tried to hit the swap button on the remote and it doesn't help either. The only thing I noticed in the forums as it could be noise interfering. If this is the case how do i fix it? Any other ideas as to the cause of the problem let me know.

Please help!


Are any channels coming in that you should be receiving? If you've just upgraded your account, it may not understand that the channels belong on your account yet with the box.

If you called ABB and they reset the box, there might be a line issue.

Screw the cable directly into the wall. For me when this happened, they would come up with the "One Moment Please" message with the box but directly wired in, they would come up a pixelated, macroblocked mess.


Smock, PA
reply to agardner791
The first box the gave it worked for 2 hours then all the channels went black but you could still see the guide so they brought out another box and its worked for a week today i wake up and channels black again i unplugged and this time that worked but. Now im having a problem were alot of hd channels dont work and its always the channel i want to watch! lol I had dish network here for 2 years and i never had drop outs or problems. Im calling in tomorrow and finding out whats up!


reply to agardner791
What box did you get? The DVR or the standard HD Motorola box?

Does the box have visible signs of use or abuse? ABB recycles boxes all the time, and it took me until my 3rd HD box to get one that actually worked correctly.

That's not a bad idea to try.


Cumberland, MD
reply to agardner791
If its a moto box usually when you get the one moment please that is a signal problem.

if the box wasn't authorized for those channels you would get the not authorized or subscription screen depending on which channel you were looking at.

also like mentioned it could be the tuner in the set top box but 99% of the time its a signal related issue.

Are tech's coming out to your house to swap the boxes or are you picking up new boxes and swapping them yourself because it sounds like your right on the edge of the signal passing and failing.
Sunny day channels work/rainy day they don't, Calm day channels work/windy day they don't etc...