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Brooklyn, NY

[TW] Frustrated with TWC engagement

Since I moved to my place in Dec 2011 the only option in terms of high speed non-DSL internet access for me has been TimeWarner Cable. When I signed up for double-play (internet + tv) I went with Wideband 30, after a month of TV/Internet service I realize that comparing to my previous engagement with Optimum I well overpaying for whatever service TWC can provide me with.
So I went ahead and canceled TV service, and downgraded from Wideband to Turbo. Well guess it automatically nullified the new customers promotion pricing. However, the RoadRunner replacement with Earthlink loophole seemed to brought me back to the promo pricing (which is good). But there is a huge gap in communication b/w TWC and EL - when I signed up with EL I was given $39.90/mo for 6 month service at 15 Mbs down/1 Mbs up service, however TWC insisted on $41.95 pricing.
I guess I will have to see what happens on my next bill, and inquiry into what service I am getting (current speedtest.net results in 8 Mbs down/0.7 Mbs up - I know I will never get the ideal service, but I am wondering if it's the basic service, or the additional cost Turbo tier).
Sorry for a long rant, but with my dealing with Optimum I was always a happy camper, and their upload was always in the high 5Mbs for me, having TWC as my sole cable provider in area, and getting DSL like upload for the higher price (comparing to Optimum) I wish I could haul my Optimum cable 3 miles to my new place.


$41.95 is the direct bill rate for Earthlink, 10 Mbps down and 512 kbps up. There is no Turbo for Earthlink, but you can order the Max for $9.95 which is 15 Mbps down and 768 kbps up.


reply to bartem01

My name is Gary Vaughan and I'm the Product Manager at EarthLink for our cable service. The pricing for $39.90/mo for 6 months is for our Cable Max service (which is equivalent to the Road Runner Turbo product). After 6 months, the rate goes to $51.90/mo. The $41.95/mo you describe is for our standard service.

If you would like, email me directly at vaughang@corp.earthlink.com with your name, address and phone number and I can have an agent contact you directly.

Webster, NY
Gary, why is it that Earthlink's website does not have the proper internet speeds listed for certain service areas such as the Rochester,NY area ? For example, standard service is listed as up to 7 megs down when I do believe it should be listed as 10 ? Time Warner offers 10 megs down and 1 meg up in this area... Also, TW Turbo went to 20/2 speed here. Does Earthlink offer the same ? The website says up to 15 megs down...thanks !
DirecTV is pretty neat. If you want a referral ask me.


Our speeds in all TWC divisions match exactly what speed TWC offers on their house brand service. We promote a national average speed on our page and disclaim that speeds differ by location. Whatever speed you get with TWC service, you will get with EarthLink Cable service so the answer to your question is yes - EarthLink offers the same.

Webster, NY
Thanks for the reply.


reply to earthlink_Ga
Hello Gary,

In my area, TWC/Roadrunner offers 30Mbps and 50Mbps service. From you post below, I am understanding that Earthlink offers the same services that TWC/Roadrunner does. Does that mean Earthlink also offers 30Mbps and 50Mbps services too, for my area? If so, how do I sign-up for it via Earthlink?



For some reason, I did not get notification of your response so I apologize for the delayed response. We currently have 3 levels of service with Time Warner Cable:

1) EarthLink Cable Lite
2) EarthLink Cable Standard
3) EarthLink Cable Max

The speeds you describe may actually be TWC's Wideband product which currently we do not have an EarthLink option for.

If you ever want to see what you pre-qual for, just go to www.earthlink.com and enter your address. It will list rates for the products we offer.

And certainly let me know if you have any additional questions.